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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Bloodstream?

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“World’s Largest” Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sues Federal Prosecutors

The city of Oakland is suing federal prosecutors in order to save the ‘s property Lease from being seized.

Oakland Harborside Health Center is America’s largest dispensary. The has over 100,000 registered medical marijuana patients and over 100 employees to serve these patients.

The city’s goal is to protect the rights of real medical patients, defending their rights to the source of their medication that they need. Oakland seeks to “restrain and declare unlawful” the federal forfeiture against Harborside Health Center in July.

Under Federal law marijuana is illegal, though a state law might allow marijuana for medicinal use. The see marijuana as a dangerous drug and all users of marijuana as criminals, even if it alleviates a debilitating medical condition.

Many patients depend on the Harborside Health Center for a source of medication. How will a patient in the area receive medication for an illness such as cancer, , epilepsy, or chronic pain, if they’re resource is destroyed?

Will the Feds ever see marijuana as more than a dangerous drug, but a medicine?

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