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Will Feds Continue to Crackdown If Marijuana is Legalized?

If marijuana is legalized in your state, will the feds continue to crack down on users?

Two years ago, Eric Holder publicly vowed that the federal government will continue to prosecute anyone possessing marijuana, even if it’s legalized in California. Now, two years later, can Oregon, Colorado, or Washington do what the Golden State couldn’t?

The feds continue to ignore proposals made for decriminalization in the 3 states that could end marijuana prohibition in those regions. Marijuana is still completely illegal under federal law and and this is not likely to change, but these three states still plan on letting the people choose, legalization or prohibition.

Is there a possibility of a weed war between states and the feds, post marijuana legalization?

Medical marijuana is legal in 17 states including the District of Columbia. The feds still crack down on in these states, even though these dispensaries may be only the source of medication for individuals that suffer debilitating illnesses.

During the alcohol prohibition 80 years ago, states including Colorado appealed alcohol prohibition, prior to the issue being federally repealed. It’s states like these that may be able to change the fed’s minds about marijuana, but nothing is guaranteed.

Are the medical marijuana crackdowns a hint of what is to come if marijuana is completely legalized?

Do the beliefs of voters in these state’s even count in the federal government’s eyes?

Will legalization even make a difference?

Only the future holds the answers to these controversial ideas.

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