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Veteran Denied V/A Benefits After Being Prescribed Medical Marijuana

A disabled veteran from Elliston, Virginia, has been denied from the department of veteran affairs because he was prescribed marijuana for pain while he was abroad.

Michael Krawitz, 49, suffered through a car accident when he was in the Air Force that left him forever disabled and in pain.

Krawtiz claimed he was relieved from his pain completely for the first time when he started using along with his other medical treatments.

When the the department of veteran affairs discovered that he had been prescribed medical marijuana, they ordered he take a drug test. Krawitz refused, and has been denied further treatment.

The federal government says that marijuana has no proven medical benefit, despite the countless individuals, like Michael Krawitz, that have been relieved by the use of cannabis. A number of studies by scientists have also raised questions to this statement, but all arguments were shot down.

Krawtitz and other medical marijuana advocates are to go in front of the later this month. Their aim is to reclassify marijuana and prove it has medical benefits.

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