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Two Malaysian Customs Officers Sentenced to Hanging for Marijuana Trafficking

Two Malaysian Customs officers are sentenced to be hung by the High Court after they were found guilty for marijuana trafficking.

Ismail Mansor, age 43, and Nazni Seman, age 48, were serving in Kuala Perlis in Malaysia at the time in April of last year.

The two men were found guilty for trafficking 6,705 grams, or about 14.5 pounds of pot, in the parking lot of a cement factory in Bukit Keteri, Padang Besar, Perlis last year.

Mohd Zaki Abdul Wahab, the Judicial Commissioner, sentenced the two to death by hanging.

Nazni had been working customs for 17 years and the Mansor had served for 14 years.

The two had been a part of the Kuala Perlis Anti-Smuggling Unit. The suspects claimed that they had been framed, but the evidence presented stated otherwise, and the court stuck them down with full force, death.

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