Synthetic Marijuana Linked to the Death of a 26 Year Old Man

Last September friends found 26 year old, Aaron Stinson, of New York, dead in the morning. He had been smoking synthetic marijuana the night before.


Synthetic Drugs May be Connected to Sudden Kidney Failure

Epidemiologists and health officials have linked rapid kidney failure to the consumption of synthetic drugs.


Real Highs From Fake Drugs Prompt Efforts to Get Synthetics Off Shelves

(Source: By Dana Treen, The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville (MCT) – The names may be edgy or frivolous and the packaging cartoonish, but the synthetic drugs inside the packets are anything [...]


More Charges, Trial Delayed in Federal Spice Case

(Source: By Alison Gene Smith, The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho (MCT) – TWIN FALLS • This month’s trial of four Twin Falls residents accused in a federal synthetic drug case [...]


‘Spice’ Can Trigger Lifelong Mental Illness

(Source: By Prue Salasky, Daily Press (Newport News, Va.) (MCT) – The popularity with minors of the synthetic drug known as “spice,” along with its potential lifelong mental health consequences, [...]


Banned Fake Marijuana Found During Weatherfod Smoke Shop Raid

(Source: By Susan Mcfarland, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (MCT) – A raid at Weatherford’s Tobacco N More spelled out to DPS troopers just what the “more” in the smoke shop’s name [...]


Woman Arrested After Minors Hospitalized Over Synthetic Marijuana

(Source: By Susan Hylton, Tulsa World, Okla. (MCT) – AND SPRINGS – A 29-year-old Sand Springs woman was jailed after three juveniles were hospitalized after suffering a reaction to cigarettes [...]

BRIEF: Fort Lauderdale Joins Cities Banning Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts

(Source: Larry Barszewski Sun Sentinel (MCT) — The city has joined others banning herbal incense and bath salts – frequently sold in small packets at convenience stores and gas stations [...]

There’s Talk About Banning Synthetic Marijuana

(Source: Georgia.gov) – During the past several years, a surge of young adults and teens have skirted the illegality of marijuana by purchasing and smoking instead a synthetic form of [...]