Will Feds Continue to Crackdown If Marijuana is Legalized?

If marijuana is legalized in your state, will the feds continue to crack down on users?


Arkansas Doctors to Anounce Opposition to the State’s Medical Marijuana Proposal

A group of Arkansas doctors led by Dr. David Smith, of Little Rock, have called a news conference to announce their opposition on legalizing medical marijuana in the state.


Veteran Denied V/A Benefits After Being Prescribed Medical Marijuana

A disabled veteran from Elliston, Virginia, has been denied medical treatment from the department of veteran affairs because he was prescribed marijuana for pain while he was abroad.

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MMJ Dispensary Owner Admits Trying to Sell Officers $400k Worth of Pot

A medical marijuana dispensary owner in Denver, Colorado, is pleading guilty to marijuana distribution charges after being involved in a major pot deal gone wrong.


Man Charged For Stealing Pot From A Medical Marijuana Caregiver

Justice has been served, after a burglar was charged for stealing marijuana from a medical marijuana caregiver in Ellsworth, Maine.


“World’s Largest” Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sues Federal Prosecutors

The city of Oakland is suing federal prosecutors in order to save the Harborside Health Center‘s property Lease from being seized.


Medical Marijuana Businesses Threatened by Legalization

Medical marijuana growers, distributors, lawyers, and physicians oppose the legalization of marijuana, due to fears of losing profit.


Hemp Based “CBD Chewing Gum” May be the Cure Some Patients are Seeking

Medical Marijuana Inc. a leader and innovator in the hemp industry and its portfolio company,  CanChew Biotechnologies, have announced the planned introduction of CanChew CBD chewing gum product line.


Initiative 502 Receives Another $1 Million in Donations

The campaign to end marijuana prohibition is continuing to expand. The campaign has received another 1 million dollars in donations and gained support from King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.


Medical Marijuana Supporters Protest For Their Future

Medical marijuana patients and supporters are rallying outside Obama’s campaign headquarters. The protesters are not there to encourage people to vote for Romney or any other campaigner, but to protect [...]

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Boulder City, Colorado seeks input on proposed medical marijuana code

City seeks input on proposed medical marijuana code changes (Source: Boulder City) – In October 2012, city staff will be recommending a number of revisions to City Council regarding Boulder’s [...]


Pot measures fail to make November ballot

(Source: By Paul Payne The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.) A half-dozen initiatives seeking to regulate marijuana like wine, tax it and legalize it for anyone over 18 all failed [...]

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Oregon Police Arrest Owner of Eugene Medical Marijuana Collective

Another cannabis club bites the legal dust. Curtis Shimmin, the owner of Kannabosm, a medical marijuana collective located in Eugene, Oregon was arrested by local law enforcement this last Thursday [...]

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Two 17 Year Old’s Arrested for Robbing San Jose Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Just like what we see that happens in the illegal marijuana sales business, unfortunately also takes place in the legal medical marijuana business. Where there is cash and drugs, there [...]

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Medical Marijuana Fest Draws Healthy Amount of Interest

(Source: By Beth Quimby and Edward D. Murphy Portland Press Herald, Maine) PORTLAND – Josh Johnson, a horticultural student at Southern Maine Community College and sales associate at the High [...]

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San Diego’s Only Legally Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary Closing Its Doors

More sad breaking news for medical marijuana patients. KPBS is reporting that San Diego County‘s only legally licensed medical marijuana dispensary under the county’s very strict cannabis laws, the Mother Earth [...]

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Marijuana legalization is currently pending in 8 states

There are many state laws regarding the possession, dealing, consumption and usage of marijuana. As of right now, there are currently 21 states that allow for the use of medical [...]


Starsky and Blunt: Former TV Star Caught Up in Kentucky

Unfortunately, it looks like we can now add Paul Michael Glaser, the TV actor who played Starsky in the 70′s hit police show “Starsky & Hutch” to the list of [...]

Richard Flor Montana

Richard Flor: Montana Medical Marijuana Pioneer Dies in Prison

Montana’s first ever medical cannabis provider, Richard Flor, 68 died yesterday due to complications with his health. Flor died at a Nevada Bureau of Prisons medical facility just outside Las Vegas [...]

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Massachusetts Poll Shows Support for Medical Marijuana and Life Ending Drugs

A fresh poll reveals that Massachusetts voters may support the access to medical marijuana and also life-ending drugs. The people who participated in the study that came out this past week [...]