Will Feds Continue to Crackdown If Marijuana is Legalized?

If marijuana is legalized in your state, will the feds continue to crack down on users?

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Election Day is Here. Will Marijuana be Legalized?

Election day is here and the citizens of the States are not only deciding on who will be president, but in 3 states voters are determining whether or not marijuana [...]


Medical Marijuana Businesses Threatened by Legalization

Medical marijuana growers, distributors, lawyers, and physicians oppose the legalization of marijuana, due to fears of losing profit.


Initiative 502 Receives Another $1 Million in Donations

The campaign to end marijuana prohibition is continuing to expand. The campaign has received another 1 million dollars in donations and gained support from King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.


Pro-Marijuana Oregonians Will Have to Push Harder for Legalization

Wealthy marijuana supporters are putting millions towards the legalization of cannabis in Washington and Colorado, while  pro-marijuana Oregonians are working to do the same. But Marijuana legalization advocates claim that [...]


Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson’s Goal, Stop Pot Prohibition

Gary Johnson,  candidate for the Libertarian Party, has made medical marijuana one of his signature issues in his 2012 presidential campaign. President Obama, has shrugged off questions regarding the issue, [...]

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Citizens of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington Hold Power on States’ Marijuana Laws

Citizens of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are left to decide whether or not they will completely legalize marijuana in fall of this year.


Oregon Marijuana Measure Wins Over Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

(Source: By Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. (MCT) – Wow, man. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps just gave $5,000 in favor of legalizing marijuana in Oregon.

OPINION: Comparing Marijuana Initiatives, Presidential Politics and the Fed

(Source: Mark Hester The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. — Oregon is one of three states where voters will decide on marijuana legalization initiatives in November. The Oregonian editorial board already has [...]