Initiative 502 Receives Another $1 Million in Donations

The campaign to end marijuana prohibition is continuing to expand. The campaign has received another 1 million dollars in donations and gained support from King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.


75 Years of Pot Prohibition

Seventy-five years ago today, marijuana was outlawed by the federal government. On Oct 1, 1937, president Roosevelt passed the Marihuana Tax Act and officially banned the use of marijuana in [...]


Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson’s Goal, Stop Pot Prohibition

Gary Johnson,  candidate for the Libertarian Party, has made medical marijuana one of his signature issues in his 2012 presidential campaign. President Obama, has shrugged off questions regarding the issue, [...]


Medical Marijuana Supporters Protest For Their Future

Medical marijuana patients and supporters are rallying outside Obama’s campaign headquarters. The protesters are not there to encourage people to vote for Romney or any other campaigner, but to protect [...]

There’s Talk About Banning Synthetic Marijuana

(Source: Georgia.gov) – During the past several years, a surge of young adults and teens have skirted the illegality of marijuana by purchasing and smoking instead a synthetic form of [...]