California Counties Step up Tattoo Shop Inspections

(Source: By Ed Fletcher, The Sacramento Bee (MCT) As county officials work to implement state legislation requiring tattoo and piercing shops to register and pass a battery of tests, some [...]

Second Porn Actor Reveals He Has Syphilis

(Source: By Susan Abram, Daily News, Los Angeles (MCT) A group that represents the adult film industry said in a statement Thursday that a second porn actor has come forward [...]

Aids Campaign Group Crippled

(Source: By Sandeep Singh Grewal, Gulf Daily News, Manama, Bahrain (MCT) BAHRAIN’s national Aids campaign group has been effectively out of action for the past 10 months following the resignation [...]

Hospitals’ Medicare Funding Cut Over Readmissions

(Source: By Andrew J. Tobias, Dayton Daily News, Ohio (MCT) Twelve area hospitals are among thousands nationwide that will lose up to 1 percent of their Medicare funding for readmitting [...]

Doctor Under Investigation Called Kind, Callous

(Source: By Marjie Lundstrom, The Sacramento Bee (MCT) SACRAMENTO, Calif. — To one longtime patient, Dr. J. Paul Muizelaar is a “miracle worker,” a “Teddy bear” and a “loving, caring [...]