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Smokey Emissions from Car Lead to Traffic, Drug Arrest

(Source: By Alan Riquelmy, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, (MCT) – Smoke issuing from a car Monday afternoon led to an arrest on traffic and drug charges.


Columbus Man Gets Probation for Drug Sale Involvement

(Source: By Jim Osborn, Columbus Telegram, Neb. (MCT) COLUMBUS — A 71-year-old Columbus man who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s disease was sentenced to probation for his involvement in a [...]


Columbus Man ‘Shocked’ to Learn $1,500 Pot Plant Found in His Backyard

(Source: By Alan Riquelmy, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (MCT) A Columbus man was “shocked” Saturday to learn that police found a $1,500 marijuana plant growing in his backyard, reports state.

Dealer in Pot, Guns Left Lives in Tatters

(Source: By Randy Ludlow, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT) Bobby Kelly died under the wheels of his fiancee’s SUV before the feds could indict him a second time.

Man Sitting in car Outside Gold Lounge Busted With Weapon, Drugs

(Source: By Alan Riquelmy, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (MCT) – A man sitting in a car outside the Gold Lounge in Columbus was found with a weapon and drugs early Tuesday, police [...]