Chicago Attorney Questions Cop’s Ability to Smell Marijuana Through Container

In December of 2008, Chicago police smelled marijuana and found a “leafy substance” in Jonathan Stoffel’s Lincoln Navigator, leading to a search of his car where the police allegedly found [...]


Police Helicopter Discovers One of Chicago’s Biggest Marijuana Grow-Ops in History

A huge marijuana grow operation was discovered in Chicago’s southeast side around noon on Tuesday.

drug bust

Activists Connect Drug Wars In U.S., Mexico

(Source: By Ellen Jean Hirst and Antonio Olivo, Chicago Tribune (MCT) – Chicago: Sunday morning. One man dead after taking three bullets — one to the head, two to the [...]

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Hurd Accused of Dealing Drugs After Arrest

(Source: By Kevin Krause, The Dallas Morning News (MCT) Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Sam Hurd will remain behind bars until his trial on federal drug charges.

Lance Armstrong’s Disgrace

(Source: By McClatchy-Tribune News Service, (MCT) – The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Monday, Aug. 27: In his quest to be the greatest cyclist ever, Lance Armstrong [...]

Baby With Brain Cancer Thrives After Chemotherapy

(Source: By Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune (MCT) – Peering intently at the tiny white smudge in their baby’s brain scan, Sue and Ben Erickson could see that the image did [...]

County Jail to Expand HIV Testing

(Source: By Naomi Nix, Chicago Tribune (MCT) – Every day about 200 people pass through the doorways of the Cook County Jail to have their clothes inspected, their pictures taken [...]