Will Feds Continue to Crackdown If Marijuana is Legalized?

If marijuana is legalized in your state, will the feds continue to crack down on users?

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Election Day is Here. Will Marijuana be Legalized?

Election day is here and the citizens of the States are not only deciding on who will be president, but in 3 states voters are determining whether or not marijuana [...]


Veteran Denied V/A Benefits After Being Prescribed Medical Marijuana

A disabled veteran from Elliston, Virginia, has been denied medical treatment from the department of veteran affairs because he was prescribed marijuana for pain while he was abroad.


Synthetic Marijuana Linked to the Death of a 26 Year Old Man

Last September friends found 26 year old, Aaron Stinson, of New York, dead in the morning. He had been smoking synthetic marijuana the night before.

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MMJ Dispensary Owner Admits Trying to Sell Officers $400k Worth of Pot

A medical marijuana dispensary owner in Denver, Colorado, is pleading guilty to marijuana distribution charges after being involved in a major pot deal gone wrong.


Man Charged For Stealing Pot From A Medical Marijuana Caregiver

Justice has been served, after a burglar was charged for stealing marijuana from a medical marijuana caregiver in Ellsworth, Maine.


“World’s Largest” Medical Marijuana Dispensary Sues Federal Prosecutors

The city of Oakland is suing federal prosecutors in order to save the Harborside Health Center‘s property Lease from being seized.