Hemp Based “CBD Chewing Gum” May be the Cure Some Patients are Seeking

Medical Marijuana Inc. a leader and innovator in the hemp industry and its portfolio company,  CanChew Biotechnologies, have announced the planned introduction of CanChew CBD chewing gum product line.


Regular Pot Smokers May Experience Slight Withdrawals When Quitting

According to international studies, 29 habitual marijuana users were tested and some suffered from withdrawals similar to those of a person that would quit using tobacco.


Starsky and Blunt: Former TV Star Caught Up in Kentucky

Unfortunately, it looks like we can now add Paul Michael Glaser, the TV actor who played Starsky in the 70′s hit police show “Starsky & Hutch” to the list of [...]


Seattle Medical Marijuana Collective Owner Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

According to U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, the owner of the GAME Collective medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Washington, Brionne Corbray had plead guilty this past week on August 20th to [...]


One Ton of Marijuana Seized Near Catalina Island

Federal authorities reported earlier this week that two boats were intercepted off the coast of California with more than one ton of marijuana seized on board. This massive pot bust [...]

New York Marijuana Trafficker Sentenced to 45 months in Prison

(Source: FBI) BUFFALO, NY—U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul, Jr. announced today that Carl Korzkowski, 35, of West Seneca, New York, who was convicted of marijuana trafficking, was sentenced 45 months [...]