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Synthetic Marijuana Linked to the Death of a 26 Year Old Man

Last September friends found 26 year old, Aaron Stinson, of New York, dead in the morning. He had been smoking synthetic marijuana the night before.

Stinson also had drank a beer or two with some friends the previous night. His first contained a   not even high enough to be legally intoxicated.

A second autopsy took place after investigators learned he had consumed relaxinol (synthetic marijuana) the previous night. Two kinds of synthetic cannabanoids were found in his system.

The pathologist decided that that cause of death was due to acute intoxication from the combined effects of ethinol, from drinking, and relaxinol.

Had been smoking Mr. Nice Guy, Relaxinol,  a popular form of synthetic weed.

These synthetic forms of marijuana have been sold in stores and smoke shops across the country, often calling it spice, herbal incense, or potpourri. Users are buying these products for more then a nice aroma, it’s getting them higher than real marijuana.

Synthetic drugs have been federally banned, but this hasn’t stopped them from being sold and readily available for consumers. Manufacturers are constantly altering the chemicals that go into synthetic pot, finding loopholes around the legislation by using chemicals that haven’t been banned.

has been known to cause nausea, increased blood pressure, , increase agitation, and even produce seizures and hallucinations.

Many cases linking hospital visits and synthetic marijuana have turned up all over the United States.

Is synthetic marijuana what killed Aaron Stinson?


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