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Synthetic Drugs May be Connected to Sudden Kidney Failure

and health officials have linked rapid kidney failure to the consumption of synthetic drugs.

The synthetic drug has believed to have made at least six people, mostly teens and young adults, in Oregon and Washington ill. Similar cases of rapid kidney damage, have also formed in Wyoming as well. State Health officials strongly urge people to stop using and avoid the drugs, due to these health risks.

Designer drugs such as and “” contain unnatural chemicals that are toxic to the human body that do get one high. These drugs not only get you intoxicated but have also known cause a number of effects including agitation, seizures, headaches, and nausea.

Many people believe these substances are legal and safe, since they have been sold on store shelves. According to a Michigan University’s studies, about 11.5% of seniors in high school had reported using synthetic pot in the past year.

A number of states have outlawed the use and selling of synthetic drugs, but this hasn’t stopped the use or production of these drugs that may destroy the liver.

Medical experts are working to analyze samples of synthetic drugs to find the toxic element causing these injuries.

Officials are asking doctors and specialists to report cases of sudden kidney failure linked to synthetic drug use.

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