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Police Helicopter Discovers One of Chicago’s Biggest Marijuana Grow-Ops in History

A huge was discovered in Chicago’s southeast side around noon on Tuesday.

It was reported that a police helicopter was flying over the wetlands near Stony Island and 105th Street, when a deputy spotted a cannabis field as big as two football fields and as many as a thousand plants. said the plants were humungous, some as as tall as a Christmas tree.

The grow-op was very secluded and difficult to see from anywhere but the air. Though the field was just 500 ft away from a roadway on S. Stony Ave., you could not smell it from the street. The police who spotted the field believed that it was by luck.

There was also a homemade watch area for the growers to keep an eye out for trespassers. But in this case the trespassers were the fuzz, now whoever is responsible for these gardens remains at large.

Chicago law enforcement, firemen, and the forestry service plans on destroying all of the plants.

This is said to be one of, if not, the biggest pot busts in Chicago history.

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