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Elderly British Couple Unknowingly Grow Huge Cannabis Plant

British police have decided not to press charges against an elderly couple that unknowingly grew a massive marijuana plant in their garden.


Synthetic Drugs May be Connected to Sudden Kidney Failure

Epidemiologists and health officials have linked rapid kidney failure to the consumption of synthetic drugs.


Canadian Police Mistake Daisies for Marijuana

A special squad of Canadian Police ripped out more than 1600 of what they thought were Marijuana plants out of a man’s front yard in Lethbridge, Alberta during a raid. [...]


Chicago Attorney Questions Cop’s Ability to Smell Marijuana Through Container

In December of 2008, Chicago police smelled marijuana and found a “leafy substance” in Jonathan Stoffel’s Lincoln Navigator, leading to a search of his car where the police allegedly found [...]


New Orleans Attorney Drops Joint in Court

An attorney of New Orleans was fined for marijuana possession, after he accidentally dropped a joint in front of police officers.


Police Helicopter Discovers One of Chicago’s Biggest Marijuana Grow-Ops in History

A huge marijuana grow operation was discovered in Chicago’s southeast side around noon on Tuesday.


Los Angeles Repeals Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

On Tuesday, Oct 2nd, the L.A. City Council voted to repeal its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.


Hemp Based “CBD Chewing Gum” May be the Cure Some Patients are Seeking

Medical Marijuana Inc. a leader and innovator in the hemp industry and its portfolio company,  CanChew Biotechnologies, have announced the planned introduction of CanChew CBD chewing gum product line.


Initiative 502 Receives Another $1 Million in Donations

The campaign to end marijuana prohibition is continuing to expand. The campaign has received another 1 million dollars in donations and gained support from King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.


Connecticut, Medical Marijuana’s Newest Addition

As of today, Connecticut has officially became the newest member to the list of American states’ that allow the use of medical marijuana.


MT Marijuana Caregivers Charged with Drug Trafficking After Federal Raid

A former medicinal cannabis provider, of Helena,  has been found guilty of 8 felonies after federal raids in Montana . The FDA says he has been trafficking large amounts of [...]


75 Years of Pot Prohibition

Seventy-five years ago today, marijuana was outlawed by the federal government. On Oct 1, 1937, president Roosevelt passed the Marihuana Tax Act and officially banned the use of marijuana in [...]


San Diego Bus Driver Fired for Giving Co-Workers Pot Brownies

A San Diego bus driver was fired after bringing edible marijuana brownies (NCSM) to work and distributing it to other drivers.


Regular Pot Smokers May Experience Slight Withdrawals When Quitting

According to international studies, 29 habitual marijuana users were tested and some suffered from withdrawals similar to those of a person that would quit using tobacco.


Will Arkansas be the 18th state to accept medical marijuana?

On Thursday, the Arkansas Supreme Court introduced a proposed ballot measure that could possibly legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas.


The Feds Carry Out Raids on Los Angeles Pot Shops

Federal agents are on a mission to crackdown on California medical marijuana dispensaries, now targeting Los Angeles. The county has recently been struggling to regulate the spread of dispensaries, but [...]


North Dakotian Receives 5 Pounds of Weed in the Mail

Nicholas Rivera, 34, of Grand Forks, pleaded guilty for possession of five pounds of cannabis that he had received in the mail.


Cannabis-Like Chemicals May be a Solution to Symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome

The work of an international partnership of Scientific Research Centers from America and Europe, have found that cannabis-like chemicals in the brain can help repair the symptoms that are associated [...]


New Yorker with “Green Thumb” Faces 20-Years to Life for Marijuana Operation

Cory Leitz, Age 41, of Frankfort, is facing 20-years to life in prison for cultivating mass amounts of marijuana. The humungous pot bust was a result of a joint investigation by [...]

pills and narcotics over white

Use of Marijuana Expands, Prescription Drugs Use Falls

Higher levels of people using marijuana has believed to reduce prescription drug abuse in young adults.

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