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Ohio Teen Sold $20,000 Worth of Weed Per Month

A teen from Mason, Ohio, has been sentenced to six months to 3 years in prison for selling pot to fellow high school students. Tyler Pagenstecher, now 18, allegedly sold up to $20,000 worth of top shelf buds per month.

Tyler was in charge of six other pot dealing kids at two different Ohio high schools. refer to him as the “little czar”, being one of the greatest drug dealers in the Cincinnati area at the age of 17.

He started selling weed at age 15, and remained under the police radar for a couple years before being quickly shut down by the law.

Being charged at such a young age, with such a great offense, Tyler quickly gained publicity.

Seven other adults were arrested for connections to the pot operation, all ages 20-58. They allegedly cultivated the marijuana that Tyler sold. Four have pleaded not guilty to trafficking and possession, marijuana cultivation and engaging in corrupt activity.

have seized more than 600 plants, adding up to about 3 million dollars worth of weed connected to the case.

Most of the accomplices are still awaiting trial.

One, 31 year old woman is spending 2 years in prison for her part in the drug ring.

Tyler has apologized for his actions and says he would have never started selling weed if he knew what would become of his business.

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