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Medical Marijuana News

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American Civil Liberties Union Sues RI Health Department for Medical Marijuana Changes

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Rhode Island’s Department of Health because of recent changes made on the medical marijuana law.

multiple sclerosis

THC Helps Relieve Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

According to studies by Britain’s Clinical Neurology Research Group, tetrahydrocannabinol marijuana abstract, has helped relieve pain and muscle stiffness for patients with Multiple sclerosis (MS).


Los Angeles Repeals Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

On Tuesday, Oct 2nd, the L.A. City Council voted to repeal its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.


Hemp Based “CBD Chewing Gum” May be the Cure Some Patients are Seeking

Medical Marijuana Inc. a leader and innovator in the hemp industry and its portfolio company,  CanChew Biotechnologies, have announced the planned introduction of CanChew CBD chewing gum product line.


The Feds Carry Out Raids on Los Angeles Pot Shops

Federal agents are on a mission to crackdown on California medical marijuana dispensaries, now targeting Los Angeles. The county has recently been struggling to regulate the spread of dispensaries, but [...]


Medical Marijuana Supporters Protest For Their Future

Medical marijuana patients and supporters are rallying outside Obama’s campaign headquarters. The protesters are not there to encourage people to vote for Romney or any other campaigner, but to protect [...]

cancer cells breast

Scientific Research Proves Pot Fights the Spread of Cancerous Cells

With new research, scientists from the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco have proved a form of marijuana plant extract can stop the spread of aggressive cancers, such as [...]

cannabis cup

The Famous “Cannabis Cup” Hits Seattle

If you smoke cannabis or are a medical marijuana patient you are probably well aware of the magazine “High Times” and the world famous “Cannabis Cup” in Amsterdam. High times [...]

marijuana ban

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Ban Appeal Receives Enough Signatures to Make Ballot

There has been an outrage amongst marijuana activists and medical pot patients in Los Angeles since the city made the recent decision to ban cannabis dispensaries. With Los Angeles holding [...]

medical marijuana card arizona

AZ Medical Marijuana Cards Revoked Due to Unlawful Use of Pot

Arizona’s Department of Health Services is cracking down marijuana card holding citizens that may have somehow violated the new medical marijuana law. Patients and caregivers that have violated Arizona’s new [...]


Medical Marijuana Relieves Intense Seizures for Boy With Epilepsy

If your little boy was suffering everyday from a life-threatening medical condition, most parents would try anything to protect there child. But would they even consider medical marijuana as a [...]


Juvenile Marijuana Use: The Fatal Flaw of Initiative 502

(Source: By The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.) (MCT) Initiative 502 has the virtue of acknowledging a reality: The state is already rife with marijuana, and criminalizing it hasn’t made it [...]


On the Frontier of Medical Pot to Treat Boy’s Epilepsy

(Source: By Lee Romney, Los Angeles Times (MCT) MODESTO —Topamax. Depakote. Phenobarbital. The list goes on. Before Jayden David turned 5, he had tried a dozen powerful medications to tame [...]


Palo Alto City Council Opposes Measure to Permit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(Source: By Jason Green, Palo Alto Daily News, Calif. (MCT) The Palo Alto City Council established its opposition this week to a controversial November ballot measure that aims to make [...]


Patients Say Finding A Marijuana Doctor Can Be Difficult

(Source: By Mary Jo Layton, The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) (MCT) – HACKENSACK, N.J. — New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in Montclair this month, but some [...]


Medical Marijuana a Budding Problem

(Source By, Erin Smith and Christine McConville, Boston Herald (MCT) – With Massachusetts voters poised to legalize medical marijuana, a chilling new report on Colorado’s similar law shows the Rocky [...]


Pot Gardens Must Have Fed Approval

(Source: By Kerri Sandaine, Lewiston Tribune, Idaho (MCT) – If you want to grow a collective medical marijuana garden in Clarkston, you’ll have to get approval from the feds.


Clovis Introduces Stricter Medical Pot Limits

(Source: By Pablo Lopez, The Fresno Bee (MCT) – The Clovis City Council introduced new rules Monday for its 6-year-old medical marijuana ordinance that would make it more difficult to [...]

Marijuana Shirts pot o golg

Children’s Alliance Backs Pot Measure on Ballot

(Source: By Jonathan Martin, The Seattle Times (MCT) – As Washington weighs its first chance to legalize recreational marijuana, prominent groups are taking sides about the initiative’s potential impact on [...]

Marijuana in Smoke

I-502 has Flushed Out the Medical Cannabis Industry

(Source: By The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.) (MCT) – Strangers to marijuana politics might assume that the drug’s champions would be cheering a ballot measure designed to legalize marijuana in [...]