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Hantavirus in Yosemite: World Health Organization Issues Alert

(Source: By Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times (MCT) – The World Health Organization is the latest agency to weigh in on the recent hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite National Park, issuing [...]


ENCODE Project Sheds Light on Human DNA and Disease

(Source: By Rosie Mestel and Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times (MCT) – When the human genome was sequenced a decade ago, scientists hailed the feat as a technical tour de [...]


Two Local Deaths Possibly Linked to West Nile Virus

(Source: By Karen Herzog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MCT) – Two people who tested positive for West Nile virus in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties have died, though confirmation of a link [...]


USM Student Survives Rare Disorder With 298 Blood Transfusions

(Source: By Jackie Farwell, Bangor Daily News, Maine (MCT) PORTLAND, Maine — Rachel Miller wasn’t expected to live past her second birthday. Today, the 20-year-old Portland woman is in her [...]

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Health Department Workers Track, Respond to Communicable Diseases

(Source: By Sarah Hogsed, Richmond Register, Ky. (MCT) RICHMOND — The world of TV has fictional characters like Dr. House to find the source of disease outbreaks, but in Madison [...]

Medical Marijuana Concept

Diane Riportella, Medical Marijuana Advocate, Dies After Long Battle With ALS

(Source: By Trudi Gilfillian, The Press of Atlantic City, Pleasantville, N.J. (MCT) – EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP – Diane Riportella, who advocated the use of medical marijuana as she fought her [...]

Yosemite Shuts Cabins After Two More Hantavirus Cases

(Source: By Joshua Emerson Smith, Merced Sun-Star (Merced, Calif.) YOSEMITE — Two more Yosemite National Park visitors have been found to have a rodent-borne virus blamed for the deaths of [...]

Senate Hearing Focuses on Lyme Disease

(Source: By Martin B. Cassidy, The Stamford Advocate, Conn. (MCT) – STAMFORD — Katy Reid said some young adults suffering with Lyme disease no longer aspire to marriage, having children [...]

Teenager An Open Book on How She Manages Diabetes

(Source: By Paul Swiech, The Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill. (MCT) BLOOMINGTON — Emma Kahman used a lancet to prick her finger, placed a small amount of blood on a disposable test [...]

West Nile Virus Hasn’t Hit in County

(Source: By Marissa Harshman, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash. (MCT) – The country’s biggest West Nile virus outbreak has yet to spread to people in Washington.

Only 20 Percent of People on Health Department’s Priority List Have Been Tested for Tuberculosis

(Source: By Tracy Jones, The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville (MCT) – Despite hopes of testing most of the people who had direct contact with a specific tuberculosis strain, Duval County Health [...]

Bristol-Myers Squibb Hepatitis C Bet Has Not Paid Off

(Source: By David Sell, The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT) – Bristol-Myers Squibb spent $2.5 billion to acquire an experimental hepatitis C drug earlier this year, but the bet does not look [...]

Preventative Action Could Keep Away Virus

(Source: By Victoria Advocate, Texas (MCT) It’s official. Cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed in the Crossroads. One case has been confirmed in Lavaca County, and another in [...]

Belly Fat a Greater Health Risk Than Obesity, Mayo Study Says

(Source: By Christopher Snowbeck, Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn. (MCT) Here’s another reason to fret over a flabby stomach.

Mecklenburg County Reports a Case of West Nile Virus

(Source: By Carmen Cusido, The Charlotte Observer) – A Mecklenburg County official confirmed a case of the West Nile virus on Monday.

New Cases Of Hantavirus Reported From Yosemite

(Source: By Merced Sun-Star (Merced, Calif.) (MCT) – YOSEMITE — A third case of rodent-borne hantavirus believed to have originated in Yosemite’s Curry Village in June has been confirmed, and [...]

Former Gallery Owner Fights Hepatitis C in Sacramento Amid Calls for Widespread Testing

(Source: By Anita Creamer, The Sacramento Bee (MCT) By the time he was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C, Spencer Baker had cirrhosis so advanced that he needed a liver transplant. [...]

Recovering Alcoholic Leads Cattan Center, Understands Disease

(Source: By Camille Doty, Victoria Advocate, Texas (MCT) – Mary Helen Barrick grew up determined not to follow in her father’s footsteps as an alcoholic. He died at the age [...]

Changing trend: Seniors are Latest Focus of Sex Education

(Source: By: Rose Russell, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio (MCT) – Health-care officials report a rise in sexually transmitted diseases among the nation’s elderly population and although detailed statistics are difficult [...]

County to Regulate Tattoo and ‘Body Art’ Businesses

(Source: By: Nels Johnson, The Marin Independent Journal, Novato, Calif. (MCT) – There are no tattoo parlors in Marin County unincorporated areas, but county officials who oversee health inspections will [...]