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New Orleans Attorney Drops Joint in Court

An attorney of New Orleans was fined for marijuana possession, after he accidentally dropped a joint in front of police officers.

Jason Cantrell, a part-time assistant city attorney and private practicing attorney, was talking to police officers in the magistrate section of criminal court when a marijuana cigarette slipped out of his pocket and fell to the ground.

Being a first time offender he was cited and is to appear in court for marijuana possession.

Cantrell was not working for the city when this episode happened, but he has been suspended without pay, pending the investigation.

For 17 years Cantrell has practiced civil and criminal law in New Orleans. He practiced in juvenile court as a public defender, and even ran for judge in juvenile court in 2009 but lost.

The consequences for his actions were based on the new marijuana possession law passed in 2010, when the city made possession of pot a municipal offense. This allows police to issue citations rather than arresting and booking an offender.

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