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New Hampshire Students Involved in “Pot Brownie” Operation

Ten students at Litchfield’s have already been suspected for being involved in a pot brownie distribution operation.

The school’s faculty determined that a student had allegedly been selling brownies (NCSM) and immediately notified the Litchfield police.

Investigation found that these space cakes were made off campus and were being distributed in the high school parking lot. Ten or more students are believed to be involved in the case.

Some of the students, being athletes, were punished according to the school district’s athletic policies.

Students possessing or admitting to possessing pot-laced brownies (NCSM) on school grounds have received a 10-day suspension. The school confiscated about 20 pot brownies (NCSM) that are now being held as evidence.

School officials are now forwarding the case to the to deal with the pot possessing students.

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