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Michigan MMJ Caregiver Faces 5 Years in Jail for Doing His Job

A Michigan medical marijuana caregiver is facing a minimum of 5 years in prison after being charged in .

John Clemens Marcinkewciz II, 24, a registered medical marijuana caregiver under Michigan state law, has pleaded guilty to manufacturing 100 or more pot plants.

John, of Gran Rapids, had committed no crime in Michigan, but violated federal law that contradicts Michigan’s medical marijuana law.

Under federal law cannabis is a Schedule I drug. This puts marijuana in the same class as LSD and Heroin. Many marijuana advocates have gone to federal court to try and reclassify the herb, but all arguments have been shot down by the feds.

Federal law claims that “marijuana has no proven medical benefits” and pot is illegal in any instance, even if used medicinally.

U.S. District Judge , denied John’s request for protection under Michigan state law.

John is being prosecuted to the full extent of federal law.

John’s nephew and girlfriend were also sentenced 18 months in prison for their involvement in the case.

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