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Medical Marijuana Businesses Threatened by Legalization

Medical growers, distributors, lawyers, and physicians oppose the , due to fears of losing profit.

Dispensary owners and medical marijuana-based businesses fear what will become of there businesses if cannabis is legalized next month.

The legalization of marijuana would create a huge influx of new growers, creating competition for marijuana that already exist that may create dramatic price drops. It wouldn’t be good for a dispensary if marijuana was decreased from 200$ an ounce to 50$ and ounce.

lawyers that specialize in pot cases will no longer have a specialty in the courtroom. They would have to start over, specializing in something else.

Licensed physicians that deal with MMJ patients will also be affected by legalization. Many Marijuana doctors’ main source of income is from signing recommendations for medically ill patients.

These many people in the medical marijuana business oppose legalization because it will hinder their sources of profit.

This may not be surprising, majority of America would probably be threatened too, if there was a possibility of their income being cut dramatically, due to the introduction of a new bill.

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