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Marijuana and Epilepsy

“It was shown that Cannabinoids successfully work in controlling seizures by activating a receptor known as the . “

The ingredients found in marijuana as well as the cannabinoid that is produced in the body naturally, regulates the along with other bodily functions that play a major role in the control of spontaneous seizures during epilepsy, as found in a new study done by the researchers at VCU, . Epilepsy is among one of the commonest neurological conditions that is characterized by seizures that are spontaneously recurrent.

Approximately 1 % of the Americans suffer from epilepsy and about 30 % of those patients have been found to be resistant towards the drug treatments of conventional anticonvulsant. have been found to be used as the natural remedy for over thousands of years for seizures. It has been found by researchers that anticonvulsant properties are displayed by the primary psychoactive compound that is present in marijuana. Doctors and other researchers have been studying about the therapeutic effects attached to marijuana regarding epilepsy as well as other illnesses for almost more than 10 years. Only 3 years ago, it was shown that Cannabinoids successfully work in controlling seizures by activating a receptor known as the . The protein is found in the area of brain that relates to memory, nervous system as well as other organs and tissues present in the body.

Recent research has been able to show that the CB1 receptor is responsible for psychoactive effects in marijuana. CB1 receptor is also responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling excitability. The present study was also designed for evaluation of the role of CB1 receptor as well as the function of cannabinoid system of the body in the regulation of seizures.

The team studying it injected a combination of 6 drugs to many chronically epileptic rats:

1) A marijuana extract,
2) Key psychoactive ingredients included in the synthetic drugs which is included in the marijuana,
3) The very common anticonvulsant drugs, the phenytoin and the Phenobarbital,
4) A drug that is used for blocking activation of CB1 receptor using Cannabinoids for the brain.

Presently, there isn’t sufficient information on whether the intermittent or unremitting use of marijuana influences the frequency of or not. Some reports have been found pointing to the facts that marijuana and the chief drug in it, cannabinoid, may have anti epileptic effects. But they also state that these drugs may be partial to the seizures. Experiments suggest that marijuana can lessen the verge of seizure attacks, i.e., it may decrease the frequency or seizure rate.

It is said that some other side-effects associated with the usage of marijuana can lead to partial or . Also, like in the case of alcohol, it can increase the body’s refusal or non acceptance to AEDs. In the case of patients who have used high amounts of marijuana on a regular basis, minor withdrawal symptoms will occur that may possibly trigger seizures.

Research about the effects that marijuana can have on human health in the government and corporate arena is still open to debate. If marijuana consumption is used for a medical purpose, it should be done under the guidance of a qualified medical marijuana doctor or at least in moderate dosages.

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Hi, my name is Moe Bedard and I am the founder of this website. I am currently a healthy survivor with Hepatitis C and also a happy medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis for my symptoms that are associated with having Hep C for 20 years.

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