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Man Charged For Stealing Pot From A Medical Marijuana Caregiver

Justice has been served, after a burglar was charged for stealing from a medical marijuana caregiver in .

A Thieve made his way into a green house on Tom Davis’ property and stole 17 marijuana plants, worth around 5,000 dollars. Davis grows marijuana legally under Maine’s state law for two people as well as himself. He contacted authorities after finding a couple sticks and stems where his crop once lay.

Later that night, pulled over 32 year old, Aaron Pert. They charged him for the burglary, after he confessed to stealing the pot, when cops found some marijuana in his car, along with a loaded gun he was also charged with.

Eventually the police returned the plants to Davis.

Unfortunately Most of the crop was ruined in the process.

Davis is now re-growing his crop, after gaining some support by local caregivers in the area.

Pert is out on bail. He is due to appear in court again in November.

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