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Los Angeles Repeals Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

On Tuesday, Oct 2nd, the voted to repeal its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

This March, the LA City Council outlawed Marijuana Dispensaries, after struggling to regulate the rapidly spreading medical marijuana collectives.

This political act shows the shrewdness of the progressively organizing and well-funded group of pro-marijuana activists who overturned the ban from the previous ballot.

One of the Councilman, , a medical marijuana patient that is fighting a rare form of cancer, expressed his sincerity on the issue. Rosendahl asked his colleagues how an ill patient like himself would be able to get medicine if the ban remained.

Eliminating this ban also again leaves dispensaries ungoverned by the state once again. Many pot activists agree, there are way too many dispensaries and it’s getting out of control.

Some also believe that the regulating of medical marijuana dispensaries is out of the state’s hands, due to the recent raids of LA County weed shops by the feds.

United groups of dispensaries and activists believe that they are fine taking care of things themselves.

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