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Initiative 502 Receives Another $1 Million in Donations

The campaign to end marijuana prohibition is continuing to expand. The campaign has received another 1 million dollars in donations and gained support from King County Sheriff Steve Strachan.

The biggest donor to pot Initiative 502 is Progressive Insurance founder and marijuana-legalization advocate Peter Lewis. He donated $670,000 dollars just last week  is responsible for more than a third of the $4 million in donations to I-502, together his donations total approximately $1.55 million.

The donations contributed allowed the campaign to buy around $700,000 in airtime on TV, to combat those first round of ads on television that bashed Initiative 502.

Studies show that marijuana, being illegal, is in many cases easier for high school kids to get a hold of than alcohol. Many supporters believe that if marijuana is legalized, and with the help of parental guidance, it would be easier to regulate and would be harder for kids to receive, just like alcohol.

I-502′s biggest donors also include Drug Policy Action, the New Yorker Marijuana Reform Group, with a donation of $715,000, and James and Cody Swift, affiliated with Kirkland’s RiverStyx Foundation contributing $300,000 just last month, totaling a contribution to $420,000.

The initiative would decriminalize the possession of one ounce of marijuana and would create a closed, state-licensed monopoly of cannabis cultivators and retailers.

The only group in opposition, is a group of medical marijuana patients and retailers. The opposing campaigns saying “No” on I-502 has raised only $5,760.

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