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How to Make Weed Brownies: 2 Best Recipes

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High School Student Hospitalized After Eating Brownie Containing Pot and LSD

A 17 year old girl was hospitalized at a Trophy Club, Texas, high school after eating a brownie.

received a strange phone call that a girl had become ill and passed out after eating a brownie earlier that day.

After questioning the girl, police brought another 15 year old Byron Nelson High School student into custody that was accused of providing the brownies.

The boy was taken to the for questioning. Police found a bag of of crumpled up brownies (NCSM) and brought it to the lab for testing.

The brownies (NCSM) not only contained cannabis, but also contained (Acid). This explained why the girl was ill, she was so high she passed out.

After questioning the boy, police discovered that the boy had received the brownies (NCSM) from another student. He did not distribute the brownies (NCSM) to anyone else.

No charges were filed against the boy and he was released that same day.

But the school is to punish the boy, according to the school’s code of conduct.

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