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Election Day is Here. Will Marijuana be Legalized?

Election day is here and the citizens of the States are not only deciding on who will be president, but in 3 states voters are determining whether or not marijuana is to be legalized for recreational use.

In Oregon, Colorado, and Washington the ballots can end the prohibition of marijuana and bring an end to the age-old American war on drugs. These states could be first to break the mold and .

“Jobs for our people. Money for schools. Who could ask for more?”, this is a popular chant for voters in Colorado. Can it really that simple? Many issues factor in when making this decision.

According to the ‘s data, someone is arrested in the United states every 42 seconds for marijuana. A Marijuana Arrest research project shows that in Colorado 210,000 people have been arrested in the past 25 years for marijuana and 240,000 people in Washington have been arrested for marijuana in the past 25 years. The studies also show that of those arrests, people of color have been disproportionately impacted and most of those people were arrested for minor possession offenses.

Will continuing the illegality of marijuana keep thousands and more to come in prison?

Could this money that is being spent to keep non-violent marijuana offenders in jail be used on something more convenient?

Many do believe that legalizing marijuana will better the economy by creating jobs and freeing up money for education. The number of pro-marijuana voters in each state has sky-rocketed in the past couple years. It seems that these states are about half and half on legalization, leaving the decision to be made today. Marijuana is closer than ever to becoming legal since the beginning of the prohibition, and it’s up to our citizens to choose what is best.

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