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Canadian Police Mistake Daisies for Marijuana

A special squad of ripped out more than 1600 of what they thought were Marijuana plants out of a man’s front yard in during a raid. These “Marijuana” plants turned out to be a species of daisy.

In July, the bust was announced with positive support. The Homeowner, Ryan Thomas Rockman, was baffled and left wondering why the police were uprooting his daisies. Rockman is just glad that the charge of producing a controlled substance has been dropped.

Lethbridge police arrived at Rockman’s home on July 30, 2012 to check on a relative that was under a court-issued curfew. They came to find no relative, but found Rockman, who happened to be seen smoking pot. So they called in the special police response team to search the house.

Even though the plants resembled cannabis, the test results that came out this week show that the plant clearly isn’t marijuana. The plants seized were , a fall-blooming perennial, that had been growing there for a decade.

During the search police DID find 697 grams of dried marijuana and over 6 grams of pot resin. He now faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking, and possession of a controlled substance. They also charged him possession of proceeds of crime relating to cash found during the investigation. He is also charged with production of a controlled substance in connection to the resin.

The police believe that they do not need to apologize for their actions in July, since they were doing their job based on the information they had at the time.

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