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British Couple Busted, Growing Pot for Charity

A British couple has been arrested for growing marijuana for charity in Little Sutton, Lincolnshire .

Michael Foster and Susan Cooper, both in there sixties, had been growing marijuana under the radar for the past six years. The garden wasn’t discovered until an officer just happened to catch a whiff of marijuana while chasing a burglar near the house.

The couple had gave most of the earnings made from the plants to charities including supporting a poor village in Kenya. They helped pay for computers for an eye hospital in the village, helped support children at a local school, and the life-saving surgery of a young man who needed his leg amputated.

Throughout the grow op, the couple made around $650,000.

The police raided the house in June to find 159 pot plants and two room for growing and curing the buds.

In the raid they also found leads to other possible pot operations.

This Robin Hood-like case might be the strangest grow operation that British police had ever seen.

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