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mjhouseseeds.com provides marijuana news, free online forums, pod casts, videos and also various marketing services to cannabis service providers. We do not sell marijuana, cannabis seeds, and or products in any way, shape or form. MjHouseSeeds is an information provider and listing service only.

mjhouseseeds.com is a free online community brought to you by who have operated the world famous since 2007. We are a family owned and operated business who place people before profits. This is our not so big secret to our online success.

Moe Bedard

Hi, my name is and I am the founder of this website. I am currently a healthy survivor with Hepatitis C and also a happy medical marijuana patient who uses cannabis for my symptoms that are associated with having Hep C for 20 years. I am also the founder of another cool website called with over 55,000 members that has helped several million homeowners for free since 2007. My work has been featured in the , , and many other media publications. My goal is to help you with my websites and also restore hope to the hopeless through the internet.

I was born and raised in Southern California and currently reside in San Diego County, California with my gorgeous soul mate of a wife and my five beautiful children. I do a lot online and if you are interested in seeing more of my other work, the best way to see it all is via my personal website . You can also or

Evan Bedard

Hello everyone, my name is Evan Bedard and that is my father up above. Some people think we are brothers, but I think that he only wishes that he could be 23 again, lol.

I am also a medical cannabis patient and activist. For the last 5 years I have helped build LoanSafe.org into one of the most successful website on the planet. This is our second big online venture, but what we feel is our most important mission yet.

I was also born and raised in Southern California. When I am not skateboarding, working out, snowboarding or doing martial arts, I love chilling at the beautiful beaches here in sunny North County in San Diego with my girlfriend and family.


Gutten Morgen! I'm Ramo, the resident designer and admin for MarijaunaSafe. My job is to work with Moe in order to make things look slick and the website run fast.

I studied to become a teacher, but worked as a radio DJ for about 10 years and then went full time into website design freelancing.

When I am not busy making magic happen on the internet, I really enjoy traveling to new places and photography.

I do not smoke cannabis. It is illegal in my country. But as long as it is done legally here in the U.S. for medicinal purposes, I am OK with that. However, I am drug free and choose to be clean of all foreign substances.

Blake Bedard

Hey, I'm Blake Bedard and this is my mug you see here. I work for my Dad. It is pretty cool to do this from our chill home office. It beats commuting and all that BS that comes with it. Don't hate, just relate bro.

In my free time I like to go body boarding here in San Diego and to punk rock shows all over Southern California. If you ever wanna catch some waves and smoke some doobies, drop me a line. Girls, you know what time it is. Gas, grass or ass!

Alex Ferreras

Hi, my name is Alex Ferreras. I have been working with Moe, Evan and Blake since the beginning of 2010. While working first on LoanSafe, I have become good friends with them and their whole family during his time of service. My main job as a professional blogger for this wonderful company is as article curator, writer, and editor.

In my off time, I enjoy mountain climbing, hiking and I also pursue my own personal writing when I have the time.